About personality quizzes

Friend2Friend’s Personality Quiz offers brands and agencies an extremely simple, but powerful, self-serve system to create a fun, interactive 'quiz' for audiences. A quiz can pose a series of questions to the visitor. Those questions offer a selection of answers the visitor can choose from. Based on their answers, visitors are directed to a result that connects them to something about the brand.

For example:

  • Travel brands may ask visitors to answer a series of questions about activities they like, to match them with destinations and/or hotels;
  • Clothing brands may ask visitors to answer a questions of questions about style, or activity preferences, to match them with clothing gear;
  • Movies brands may ask visitors a series of fun questions to match them up with a movie personality.

Here's an example of a simple personality quiz for a demo travel brand: http://bit.ly/1b79C5l

Brands can add a customizable form at the end of the quiz which allows database collection of user information such as name, email and any other relevant demographic information, to be obtained. 

There are many potential use cases for personality quizzes. All are designed to introduce visitors to a brand's products, and in turn, to inform the brand about that user's specific interests. Personality quizzes can be combined with sweepstakes to encourage participation, as well as with coupons, offers and follow on activities.

As with all Friend2Friend applications, the Personality Quiz can be deployed on:

  • Facebook 'Canvas' pages
  • Websites, microsites, and blogs as full page galleries

Next, read "How to build a Personality Quiz."

You can read more about the Personality Quiz on our website, and see examples of the Personality Quiz created by clients of the Friend2Friend Platform.

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