About sweepstakes and contests

What's the difference between a sweepstakes and a contest?

In a sweepstakes, winners are chosen randomly.

In a contest, winners are chosen based on some judged criteria — such as best photo or cleverest story.

The Friend2Friend Platform contains facilities for randomly choosing winners, as well as for manually choosing judged winners.

For more details see the section "Choosing winners for sweepstakes and contests."

In general, a sweepstakes is easier to run than a contest, because sweepstakes avoids the need to review and judge every entry. There are some variations that can make it easier to choose a great user-generated entry but still have the ease of a sweepstakes:  these include things like randomly choosing 10 entries and judging the best of those 10, or choosing a winner randomly but including a clause that allows you to disqualify any entry that doesn't meet your requirements, so that, for example, you can eliminate photo contest entries that don't include a great photo. 

From an engagement app creation standpoint, you create sweepstakes and contests in exactly the same way.  You just decide what to call the engagement app, and how you want to select winners. 

For example, if you choose to pick winners randomly, make a call to action appropriate, such as "Enter our holiday sweepstakes." If you plan to pick from a selection of entries the best judged winner, you might use "Share your best outdoor photo" as your call to action.

Choosing the right sweepstakes / contest app



photo sweepstakes contest.jpg instantwinsweepstakes.jpg

Use this app to ask a visitor to simply submit a name, email address or other data to enter a random sweepstakes. 

See the section "Creating a standard sweepstakes or contest."

Add a form for a text entry to turn this app into a "story" contest, where the user enters some sort of text / paragraph submission that gets judged in a contest. See the section

"Creating a "story" sweepstakes or contest."

Use this app to ask a visitor to simply submit a name, email address or other data, along with a photo OR a video to enter a random sweepstakes or contest that requires a photo or video submission.


See the section "Creating a photo sweepstakes or contest."



Use this app to ask the visitor to fill out a form to get notified immediately (instantly!) if they are a winner.

See the section "Creating an instant win sweepstakes."






See the section "Terms of service and rules management" for details on where to link your specific legal documents.

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