Building a standard sweepstakes/contest


Age Gate

If you wish to limit this social app to users of above a specific age, turn on this Age Gate. Age Gates are optional.

Users younger than the age you specify will be prevented from participating. Enter a URL to redirect those users to an explanatory page.

Layout & Design

HTML Block

Use HTML, CSS, and JS code to customize the look at the top of your social app. (Note: This is an advanced feature! Your code will not be fully 'error checked' here. So be sure to paste in code that has been fully debugged first.)


Select the type of header layout you want. Depending on the layout you select, you'll be asked to upload anywhere from one to three images for your header. Refer to the Design Guide for SocialFusion for more details about image size and layout.


Themes automatically change the app's background style and color.

Use the preview area on the left to see what content looks like in the theme you have picked.


Choose a color for the back of your engagement app. Choose transparent if you're planning to embed your app onto a web page that already has a background color or texture.


Configure the form used to request information from the visitor. There are pre-built forms, or you can design your own form fields. Drag and drop fields to re-arrange the order they appear to your visitor.


You can also configure the message displayed after entry, along with the link to your website for more information.

You can also configure the way a share works on Facebook, to encourage your visitors to share their participation.



End of Promotion

  • If your promotion has an end date, display the copy and/or graphics you'd like to display to any visitors who arrive after the promotion has ended.

Preview, publish and deploy the engagement app

Managing entries and picking winners

To manage contest / sweepstakes and pick winners, see the section "Choosing sweepstakes or contest winners" in the Content Moderation forum.

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