Creating an "instant win" sweepstakes

Configuring an Instant Win app

An Instant Win app has a series of three pages, all of which must be configured for the app to be completed. Each page is configured in a similar way, with similar choices.  You must complete one page with the minimum configuration in order to be able to continue to the next page.

  • Entry page -- where the visitor enters their credentials
  • Winner page -- the page seen if they are an 'instant' winner
  • Non-winner page -- the page seen if they are not a winner


Age Gate

If you wish to limit this social app to users of above a specific age, turn on this Age Gate. Age Gates are optional.

Users younger than the age you specify will be prevented from participating. Enter a URL to redirect those users to an explanatory page.

Layout & Design

HTML Block

Use HTML, CSS, and JS code to customize the look at the top of your social app. (Note: This is an advanced feature! Your code will not be fully 'error checked' here. So be sure to paste in code that has been fully debugged first.)

Use the HTML block and/or the header to provide specific instructions to your visitors about your sweepstakes.


Select the type of header layout you want. Depending on the layout you select, you'll be asked to upload anywhere from one to three images for your header. Refer to the Design Guide for SocialFusion for more details about image size and layout.


Themes automatically change the app's background style and text color. You can override the background with the Background choices.

Use the preview area on the left to see what content looks like in the theme you have picked.


Choose a color for the back of your engagement app. Choose transparent if you're planning to embed your app onto a web page that already has a background color or texture.


Turn on the text field if you want to provide more instructions in a text block to the visitor. You can use basic HTML in this field.


Configure the form used to request information from the visitor. There are pre-built forms, or you can design your own form fields. Drag and drop fields to re-arrange the order they appear to your visitor.

Use the form on the Entry page to ask for the minimum information you want to qualify to enter. To quickly set this up, use the Basic info pre-built form.

Use the form on the Winner page to get all the information you need to send / share the winning prize. This might include a phone number, street address, etc. To quickly set this up, use the Extended info pre-built form.

Thanks After Submit (Winner and Non-Winner Page Only)

Configure the messages and links that appear to a visitor after they have participated and clicked the "Submit" button on the Entry page.

Note: you can optionally display a coupon code. You configure if you want coupons to be delivered to your winners in the Configuration Settings section. (See below.) If there are no coupon codes configured, the coupon will not display and only the text and form you choose will display.  Use a form, for example, if you're delivering 'physical' prizes, like gifts or product samples.

Social Participation

Share After Submit

Configure the dialog box displayed if a visitor decides to share their participation to their social connections. Turn 'on' the slider to enable sharing. Share images should be 1200px wide and 630px height for Facebook (ideally), or 90px x 90px.

Configuration Settings

Once you have designed all the pages of the Instant Win, you have to configure the app's winner and non-winner settings. This is done in Configuration Settings. 

Campaign Duration

Campaign start date: The date and time at which the application will be "live" and will accept entries.

Campaign end date: The date and time at which the campaign will finish.

Winner Settings

Total number of instant winners: The total number of prizes you want to give out. Winners will be picked "randomly" at evenly spaced moments between the campaign start date/time and the campaign end date/time. 

Note if you add or delete the number of winners after the sweepstakes is launched, the changes will be reflected in the total number of winners/prizes given out.

Expire winners: If someone displays a winner page, but does not submit their information required to claim their prize, you can expire and invalidate that winner, and 'save' the winning prize for the next winner who successfully completes the forms.

Do not pick winners between these time periods: You can choose time periods, such as from 10pm to 5am, where you do not want winners to be picked.  Visitors can still enter during those time periods, but no one will be picked as a winner. Note: Winners might be awarded past this time if no entries are received between the winning moments and the "no winner" timeframe.

Coupon settings

To incorporate coupons into an Instant Win app, you can specify one unique code that can be used by winners, or you can upload a series of unique one-time use codes. In the case of unique-one time codes, the number of codes issued matches the number of ‘winning moments’ specified. Each code should be separated by commas, or on a separate line.

For example, you may decide to allow 100 winners over the course of an instant win campaign. Those winners are picked randomly, over client-specified time periods.

You can also decide not to have winning moments and deliver coupons, for example, overnight when traffic is likely to be lower.

Once launched, the Platform will control the cadence of the winners chosen, and display the unique code, excluding that time period if specified. Winners must enter their names and emails (and other information if required) to claim the code. If the code isn’t claimed in a specified time period, it’s put back into the prize bin to be used by another winner.



The coupon code will be displayed on the Winner page - after the visitor has entered their information into the form — designed by you:











Rules and Terms of Service

Add links to these documents, or enter links, to have the documents automatically linked in the footer of the app. 

Preview, publish and deploy the engagement app

Managing entries and picking winners

To manage contest / sweepstakes and pick winners, see the section "Choosing sweepstakes or contest winners" in the Content Moderation forum.

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