Creating a photo sweepstakes or contest

To create a Photo Sweepstakes / Contest, follow the instructions in the section "Standard sweepstakes / contest app configuration," and then configure photo / video upload as described below.

Configure Photo / Video Upload

  • User Uploaded Content: Turn User Uploaded Content "ON" to allow visitors to submit a photo or a video

  • A button will appear directly above the entries inviting visitors to submit content. You can change the button text and colors.

  • You can also configure the form for photo upload to precisely match your particular requirements. You can drag and drop form fields to reorder them. You can add new fields if you wish.
  • You can also choose whether people uploading images will have to accept Terms & Conditions and whether new images will stay in the content manager until approved. 

Configure crowd voting

If you want your visitors to vote for their favorite content, turn ON voting. You can choose to hide or display vote counts, and specify voting through a Facebook login or an email address. 

Preview, publish and deploy the engagement app

See the section "How to preview, publish and deploy an engagement app" for details.

Managing entries and picking winners

To manage contest / sweepstakes and pick winners, see the section "Choosing sweepstakes or contest winners" in the Content Moderation forum.

Add Stickers & Borders

See the section "Stickers & Frames" for details.

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