Terms of service and rules management

Contest and sweepstakes rules management

The rules associated with a sweepstakes or a contest need to very accurately and precisely explain how winners are chosen, and comply with geographic rules.  For contests, for example, the criteria for judging winners should be specified, as well as the weighting of importance of each criterion.

Friend2Friend does not undertake contest/sweepstakes rules management. You should have your own legal advisors build and manage your campaign rules.  

Your rules can be linked inside the contests and sweepstakes engagement apps, and visitors are required to agree to those rules before participation.

How to add rules and T&Cs to an engagement app

At appropriate places in Friend2Friend engagement apps, visitors are offered opportunities to agree to Terms and Conditions before participation, or before uploading content. This will require visitors to check a box, indicating agreement, before continuing.

These links are in addition to those that can be added in the footer (see below).

For example, visitors can be required to agree to Terms and conditions when voting:

You can also add an agreement check box to forms:

Linking to rules and terms of service

In the General Settings page of all engagement apps, there are places where you can and a link, or upload a PDFs for your Terms of Service and your Rules.  These are optional, but if you include them, they will be automatically linked in the footer of your engagement app.


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