Approving and banning entries in Content Moderation

How to approve or ban content in the Content Manager

All content bought into Friend2Friend social content and SocialFusion galleries can be marked for 'review' before being published. Any content considered not interest, or unsuitable, can be 'banned' from display.  Banning simply means that the content is suppressed from view.  Content is not deleted anywhere when it is banned.

Click on the Content Manager tab and choose Pending for Approval. 

You can further filter down by using changing from the "All Social Networks" view to just view all entries that are pending for approval from just one social network. Only social networks applicable to the engagement app you're using will show in this menu (so your menu may look a little different from the one below).

Click on the red "ban" icon or the green "approval" icon to ban or approve your entries. Approved items will move to the Published Entries area. Banned items will move to the Banned

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