How to permanently delete content entries

Banning and deleting entries

If you've banned entries, you can still access them in the "Banned entries" view.

If you'd like to permanently delete them from your content manager, here's how to do it:

  • Under "My Apps," click on the Moderate icon next to the app. Or, click on the app name and choose Moderate from the left side menu.
  • Use the Filter menu to view Banned items.



  • You can further filter down by using changing from the "All Social Networks" view to just view all banned entries from just one social network.
  • Click on the entries you'd like to permanently delete. They will be highlighted when selected.
  • Or, click on "Select all" if you'd like to permanently delete all visible entries.
  • Click on the red "Permanently delete" button to permanently delete all your entries. They will no longer be available in your Content Manager.


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