SocialFusion & Social Gallery design guides

This article provides an overview of assets required to build a SocialFusion Galleries and Social Galleries on the Friend2Friend Platform.

When creating social apps, you use your own assets, resulting in a high-quality, branded user experience. The Platform provides the workflow, automatically creates the entry forms, and builds standard action buttons. It also offers areas to enter your own images, titles, and text. You create your own graphic assets and add them to the Platform. Asset formats can be in JPG, GIF or PNG format. Specific sizes are noted below.

Header Images

There are multiple header styles. You can use just one header graphic, or stack multiple graphics.


☐ Total width of all header images for Facebook apps: 810px

☐ For apps that you will be installing on a responsive web page, you can choose a width that suits the destination best; we recommend a total width of 1200px.

☐ There is no height limit, but we recommend a max height: 600px

☐ On the second style, with two side-by-side images, the widths and heights should be identical

☐ On the third style, the two side-by-side images should have widths and heights. The total widths of the two side-by-side images should match the width of the top image.

☐ File type: jpg, gif, or png







Layout Popup Image

You can enable a popup to appear whenever a user clicks on the header area. There are no dimension limits, as the image will be shrunk down to fit in the popup. However, we recommend keeping the image longer than it is wide.

☐ Recommended max height: 600px

☐ File type: jpg, gif, or png



Vote Sharing Image

If you enable voting, and turn on sharing after voting, the share is accompanied by a 'feed' image. 


☐ Recommended size: 90px x 90px

☐ File type: jpg, gif, or png



Sharing Properties Image

When you want to share a link to your social engagement app, you should add an image to go along with the share.  The image, along with the title and description of the app,  will appear when the app is shared on Facebook or any other social network.

Get best results by uploading images at least 1200px wide, and 630px high. Try to keep the aspect ratio as close to 1.91 : 1, with 1.91 being the horizontal (width) and 1 being the vertical (height) to display the full image in News Feed without any cropping.



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