SocialFusion app configuration


Age Gate

If you wish to limit this social app to users of above a specific age, turn on this Age Gate. Age Gates are optional.

Users younger than the age you specify will be prevented from participating. Enter a URL to redirect those users to an explanatory page.

Layout & Design

HTML Block

Use HTML, CSS, and JS code to customize the look at the top of your social app.  (Note: This is an advanced feature! Your code will not be fully 'error checked' here. So be sure to paste in code that has been fully debugged first.)


Select the type of header layout you want. Depending on the layout you select, you'll be asked to upload anywhere from one to three images for your header. Refer to the Design Guide for SocialFusion for more details about image size and layout.

Layout Popup

Turn Layout "On" if you want a pop-up to appear when someone clicks on the header. You can also add a title, text, and upload an image. The Layout Popup can include full HTML tags, so you can embed whatever kinds of click tracking and embedded links you want.


Themes change the what content is included (title, user name, description etc.), and how that content looks. Pick a theme to suit the content in the app. (Don’t worry — you can change your mind later!). Combine theme selections with your own choice of background color, or choose a transparent background. The background is configured separately in this Layout & Design section.

Use the preview area on the left to see what content looks like in the theme you have picked.

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is optional, and allows allows you to organize the visual display of content by, for example, most recent, most popular, content type, content source, etc. using navigation bar buttons. Click "Add tab" to add navigation buttons.

You can also add navigation buttons that are custom filters, based on 'tags' you have set up in the Content Moderation area.

You can make tabs for the following content types, and name them whatever you wish:

  • Most Recent: Sorts all entries in chronological order, with the most recent entries appearing first. We recommend using this tab in the initial moments of your gallery before you've had a chance to tag content, accumulate votes, or select favorites. 

  • Favorites: If you choose content as "Favorites" in the Content Manager, this tab shows those entries.

  • Winners: If you're running a contest or sweepstakes, this tab will show the winning entries you've selected in the Content Manager.
  • Text, Photo, and Video Entries: If you select any of these tabs, entries will be shown based on whether they're a text-only, photo, or video entry.
  • Custom Tabs: When you click on "Select Custom Tab," you will be prompted to select from additional filters such as "Content Status," "Content Sources," and "Tags."
    • Most Voted: If you turn on voting, this tab sorts all entries by votes, with the entries with the most votes appearing first. Note that entries that do not get any votes will still appear, but at the bottom of the gallery.  For more details, see the section "Configuring voting for SocialFusion content."
    • Content Sources: You can create tabs that show entries only from certain content sources, such as only entries from Facebook, or only entries from Twitter and Instagram.
    • Tags: When this tab is clicked, a menu of 'tags' you have created in the Content Manager will appear. Selecting a tag will only show all entries in the Content Manager which have been tagged with that tag. Note that all tags you're using in the Content Manager will appear in the drop-down menu. This menu will not appear until you have already created tags in the Content Manager


Choose a color for the back of your engagement app. Choose transparent if you're planning to embed your app onto a web page that already has a background color or texture.

Social Content Sources

See the section "Social Content Sources" for details.

Social Participation

Share Buttons

The "Share Buttons" step in the app creation wizard automatically activates buttons below each entry in the gallery that will allow visitors to share the entry on either Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

For each social network, you can write a title that will appear on the share that visitors will post to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. When someone shares an entry from a

SocialFusion gallery to either Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, the entry's content will appear as the copy, below the Share title you enter.

We recommend not including any hashtags you're pulling in the Share Title. If you do and if someone shares an entry publicly, the SocialFusion gallery might collect and show shares in the gallery, causing confusion for viewers and repetitive entries in the Content Manager.


You can let visitors vote on entries in your SocialFusion galleries by activating voting in the SocialFusion editor.

Activate voting by turing the switch to "ON."

Show votes count allows the number of votes to be shown alongside the content in the gallery.

Vote through Facebook login requires that the visitor login with their Facebook credentials to provide a valid vote.

Vote with an email address requires that a visitor provide their email address to provide a valid vote.

Require agreement to Terms & Conditions allows you to provide a link to Terms and Conditions which must be checked "on" before a vote is considered valid.

Share After Voting

If you have activated voting for your SocialFusion gallery, you can activate shares of votes by going to the "Share after voting" step and turning the switch to "ON." You must then add a title, text and an image to customize the share experience.

Preview, publish and deploy the engagement app

See the section "How to preview, publish and deploy an engagement app" for details.



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