About RSS content sources

How to find a website's RSS content source

Most websites have an RSS feed configured automatically. To add an RSS feed to your SocialFusion Gallery, you'll need to get the RSS URL. 

This is typically easily found by clicking on the orange RSS icon found on most websites and blogs, like in the example shown below on the right. Once you find the feed, copy the feed URL.



If a direct link to the RSS feed is not easily available, it may be available in the Page Source.

Right-click on the page, view the Page Source, and search (with Crtl+F on a PC or Command+F on a Mac) for "RSS." You should find a line in the code with a link type named "application/rss+xml." Copy the link found in that line.

If that doesn't work, try adding "/feed" or "/rss" to the end of the URL to see if you get the feed URL.

Once you get the URL, copy and paste it into the RSS Feed step of the SocialFusion app builder. You'll get a preview of the name of the feed to confirm you have the right one. Make sure you turn the RSS feed ON before proceeding. 


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