About LinkedIn content sources

Friend2Friend engagement apps can retrieve content from LinkedIn company pages and LinkedIn groups. 

As with other content sources, we recommend you turn on "Don't publish new stories until approved" to ensure you can manage and moderate chosen content.

LinkedIn Group content

You must enter the URL directly to the LinkedIn group to add that content source.

The LinkedIn Group must be public in order for the LinkedIn content source to work. Even if the Friend2Friend engagement app finds a private group, content cannot be pulled if the group is not public.



LinkedIn Company Page content

LinkedIn company pages can be entered using a keyword lookup, such as "IBM" will find all company pages with "IBM" in the name.  You can then pick the appropriate company page. 

Standard and Premium pricing levels

Note that Standard Platform subscribers do not have access to SocialFusion for Business. SocialFusion for Business includes the LinkedIn communities content sources listed below. Only Premium Platform subscribers can access LinkedIn communities content sources. See the section "Friend2Friend Social Engagement Platform pricing and service levels" for details.


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