About Twitter content sources

How to configure a Twitter content source

Friend2Friend engagement apps can retrieve content from Twitter @channels and #hashtag content.  It is also possible to specify just text-based tweets, just image-based tweets, or both.  You can also control whether you bring in re-tweets of content that matches the parameters you have chosen.  

The Twitter content source will specifically exclude tweets beginning with an "@" sign, as these are considered private messages on Twitter. Only public content is pulled.

As with other content sources, we recommend you turn on "Don't publish new stories until approved" to ensure you can manage and moderate chosen content.

However, if you're planning a gallery that just contains your own @channel content — that is, effectively, already moderated — you can safely turn off this option and allow all the content you put our on your own Twitter channel to be included. In this way, you can build a Twitter gallery for your Facebook page and/or website / microsite / blog.


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