About user / fan content sources

For a variety of engagement apps, it's possible to invite visitors to submit their own content — photos and stories — to an engagement app.  For example, the Photo Sweepstakes / Contests app invites visitors to upload photos to participate. 

There are two ways to ask users for content:

  • Upload content directly
  • Submit content using hashtags

Uploading photos, videos and/or stories directly

To invite audiences to upload photo, video or story content directly turn ON the 'User Uploaded Content' selection in the app wizard. 

Typically, you will want to turn "Don't publish new stories until approved" whenever dealing with fan submitted content. You will want to ensure that content is appropriate to your brand, and appropriate to the promotion subject. 

Photos can be uploaded either directly from the visitor's local photos repository, or can be picked from a Facebook album. In both cases, upload can occur on mobile or on desktop. Videos can be uploaded by pasting in URLs from Vimeo or YouTube.  Stories (text only) can be submitted by adjusting the form so that it asks for text only.





Uploading photos, videos and/or stories using hashtags

You can also, or alternatively, ask audiences to submit content to their favorite social channel — Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook — using a hashtag you specify. Read the  InstagramTwitter, or Facebook content source pages for more details.

Another added feature is for users to upload their photos with stickers and frames. To learn how to configure this setting, visit the "Stickers & Frames" page.



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