Social channel content limits

Depending on the type of account you have provisioned on the Friend2Friend Platform, there are built-in "limits" to the content that can be pulled from different social channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Each source of content is limited by channel. So, you might have reached your limit on Twitter, but not on Instagram. So Instagram will continue pulling content until it reaches its daily limit.

To maximize your content quantity, and quality:

  • Limit the types of content pulled, for example limit Twitter feeds to "images only" and exclude Re-tweets
  • Turn ON "don't publish new stories until approved" to ensure only the best content is displayed
  • Reduce the number of hashtags and @channels
  • Ensure you only choose hashtags that are very 'specific' rather than general; a hashtag like #love will bring in millions of stories a day!

The amount of content is measured daily.  Once the content limit has been reached for the day for one social account, content pulls will pause until the next day starts. Deleting content will not increase your limit.

If you still find you're reaching your limit, contact us here if you need to expand your content limits.

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