How are Social Galleries different from SocialFusion?

The Friend2Friend Platform allows you to create multiple Social Galleries.  Standalone Social Galleries only allow you to aggregate, manage, and publish content from one content source.

These galleries contain the 'best' of content from one particular social source that you choose, and allow you to install that Gallery on a Facebook page, website, microsite and/or blog page.

For example, you could create a Gallery of just your best Instagram content, gathered from @channel and from #hashtags you select, and feature that content on your website, or on a Facebook page.

SocialFusion for Consumer and SocialFusion for Business, on the other hand, bring together multiple social sources. An Instagram Social Gallery, for example, will only allow you to pull content from Instagram, and nowhere else.

SocialFusion also gives you access to a wider variety of more sophisticated tools, such as content voting and customized navigation. 

For more information about SocialFusion, see the section "SocialFusion". 

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