Getting started

Welcome to the Friend2Friend Social Engagement Platform!

If you're reading this you've probably just joined the platform, so here's what you need to get started.

Create Your First App

Click on Create New App in the blue menu bar. 

Configure Content Sources

Some Friend2Friend engagement apps bring in social content sources, such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more. If you're not building an app with content sources, you can ignore this section.

  • See the section "Social Content Sources" to learn about the sources of content for SocialFusion or Social Gallery engagement apps.

Connect Social Accounts

If you haven't connected any social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to the Platform, you'll need to do so in order to configure social sharing and publishing in your engagement apps.

Previewing Your Apps

Once you have created your first app, it will appear under the My Apps section of the Platform. 

Publishing Your Apps

Once you have an app the way you want it, you'll want to make it "go live" or "publish" the app. 

Sharing & Promoting Your Apps

Once you have created and published your first app, and it's working the way you intended, you will want to share and promote your app across all your marketing channels.

Manage Your Account

The Settings area allows you to add and delete users of the Platform.

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