How to share, and promote, an app created on the Friend2Friend Platform to social accounts

Once you have created a social app on the Friend2Friend Platform, you will want to share a link to that app across all your marketing channels to encourage audiences to participate.

To share your app on emails and other marketing channels

It's important to use the special link we provide for sharing your app.

You will find the link to share your app on the Publish area of the Platform.



To share and promote your app on Facebook and Twitter

You can share your app directly to Facebook and Twitter from the Platform, and customize the way that share looks in those Newsfeeds. You do this on the Share & Promote page.
To access the Share and Promote page:
  1. Click on "My Apps" in the left side menu.
  2. Click on the Share & Promote icon alongside the app you want to share, OR, click on Share & Promote in the  left side menu



To configure the sharing choices:

  1. Adjust the Sharing Properties for your app by uploading a photo, and providing a title and description. All these items will appear automatically when you publish about the app through the Friend2Friend Platform.
  2. Get the best sharing results by uploading images at least 1200px wide, and 630px high. Try to keep the aspect ratio as close to 1.91:1 as possible to display the full image in the Facebook and Twitter Newsfeed without any cropping. Having a nice big image like this will result in the best activity and engagement.



The photo, title and description will automatically be included when you share your app across social channels:



'Boosting' your app post on Facebook

Once you have posted about your app on your Facebook Newsfeed, we strongly recommend you 'boost' that post, to ensure that your post reaches a wider audience. You can boost a post directly from the Friend2Friend Platform by choosing a post and then choosing to "boost" that post in the Share & Promote tab of the app.

You can only boost posts you have composed on the Friend2Friend Platform.

To boost a post:

  1. Follow the steps above to create and publish a post
  2. Choose the post you have created on the Share & Promote page
  3. Choose Boost Post
  4. Follow the steps to choose a budget and audience.

Read more about boosting posts in the Facebook Help Center



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