How to preview, publish and deploy an engagement app

Once an app has been fully configured and saved, you can preview the app, and then  publish it.

First, save the engagement app

Before you can preview, or publish, an engagement app you must save it first.

Note: the app will not be "live" to the world until you choose to publish/embed it; but you will need to save it first to see how it looks.

To save an engagement app:

  1. In the app creation wizard, configure the app as far as you wish to go; you do not have to complete all the steps to preview the app; but you do need to save all the steps to publish it.

  2. Click Continue and Save Page on each page as you make changes.

  3. The "End of Promotion" page is optional. If someone visits your app after your end date that you choose in General Settings, they will see a default page. You can customize that page here.

  4. Use General Settings to adjust start and end date of the app. You can change these later.

  5. Once you have saved all the relevant pages, you can Preview and, if you are ready, Publish it live.



Then, preview the engagement app

Once you've saved all the pages in the app, you can preview how it's going to look.

(Note: You will see the message "Sorry, there is no content available here...." if you have not yet configured content sources for this app (if applicable), OR if content has not yet been pulled. It will start appearing about 15 minutes after you have set up and saved content sources.)

To Preview the engagement app:

  1. Across the top of the app, once you've saved all pages, you will see the Publish on choices.

  2. Use the choices to click between the different Preview choices available for this app.



Then, preview / share the app with colleagues

You can also click the Preview button in the upper right corner to open the engagement app in a brand new, shareable window.  

This Preview window is useful for sharing with colleagues and clients, so you can get approval for an engagement app before publishing. Those colleagues won't need a login to the Friend2Friend Platform to see the app and try it out.  The Preview of the app is fully functional, and your colleagues, and you, will be able to test it out.




Then, publish the app

Once you're happy with how your app looks, you're ready to publish it live to the world. You can publish it on Facebook, or publish by embedding on an existing website. Or you can use the Friend2Friend Platform to host your app as its own microsite.

You can publish any app in any of the following ways:

  • To a Facebook page

  • Embedded as part of a website page you are hosting

  • Published to a standalone 'microsite' page that either you host, or we host for you.

To get to the Publish choices:

  • After you've saved all the pages of your app, you'll be dropped directly to the publish area, or

  • Choose Publish from the left menu:



Publishing to Facebook

To publish an engagement app to Facebook, you must first connect your Facebook social account to the Platform. See the section "Connecting Social Accounts to the Platform".

To publish the engagement app to a Facebook page:

  1. In the Publish menu, choose Facebook

  2. On the right side, select the Facebook page where you want to publish the app.  The page will appear here only if you have connected the admin account that controls the page.

  3. Once you have published to the Facebook page, use the short URL that appears on this page to share the link to the app in your marketing materials, emails, etc. You must use this URL to ensure that your app is fully responsive and works appropriately on mobile devices.


Publishing on a website or blog

To publish the engagement app to a Facebook page:

  1. In the Publish menu, choose Responsive Embed, Horizontal Embed and/or Vertical Embed along the top of the Publish area. Note that the Horizontal and Vertical Embeds are only available for some of the apps. 
  2. On the right side, copy the 'embed' code and paste it into the page's code on your website. You can adjust the width to match the requirements of your web page if you need to.  The default will usually be 100%, which is ideal for embedding a responsive app.  Any changes you make to the engagement app (themes, layouts, content) will automatically get updated in the engagement app. You do not need to re-copy and re-paste the embed code each time you make a change.



Publishing on a hosted microsite

To publish your app on its own 'microsite' you can either paste the responsive embed code (see above) into a microsite page you are hosting. Or, you can let us host the microsite for you.

To publish an app on a microsite:

  1. In the Publish on menu, choose Microsite

  2. Use the short URL that appears on this page to share the link to the app in your marketing materials, emails, etc. (Yes, we know you want a 'vanity' URL instead of our short code. We're working on that! In the meantime, if you have a vanity URL, you can use it and redirect to this


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