How to build a multi-language engagement app

You are able to specify additional languages for any engagement app in the General Settings of that app.  Any engagement app on the Platform can be configured and displayed in multiple languages.  English is set as the default language.

To configure a social app in an additional, or alternative, language:

  1. In the app creation wizard, click on General Settings.

  2. Choose Add Language to specify an additional language; or change the default language from English to an alternative language, if you only want to have the app display in one language.

    To make a language the 'default' click the blue star next to the language

    Adding a language will effectively create a new instance of the social app with the new language, on the same app creation wizard.

    So now you have to go back through all the steps of the wizard and configure headers, buttons, etc. for the new language.

  3. When you're done click Save, and then you're ready to publish in the new language.



How the language is displayed to the user

If you have added a language, the engagement app will automatically identify which language to use, based on the system configuration of the visitor. The default language will be used if no match can be made. 

Step through the app creation wizard and choose the new language to design the app with graphics, and content, that match the language:

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