Tag Management

If you wish to sort your story content into a navigation bar, or simply organize the stories for internal purposes, you can do so by applying tags in the Moderate section of the SEP. 

You can select the stories that you'd like to identify with a tag and 'Apply.' 


You can then filter by tags in the Moderate section if you'd like:


You can also create new tags:

To delete tags from your list click 'Edit tags'


Creating an organized navigation bar using tags

You can use the tagging feature to configure a navigation bar that sorts the stories by category. 

To configure, select and assign tags to the applicable stories in the Moderate section:

The next step is to go into the Edit section of the gallery and click on the 'Navigation Bar' dropdown. This is where you can add additional tabs to the navigation bar that reflect the tags you assign to the stories in the Moderate section:

Once you've labeled your navigation tabs, you can pull in all the relevant stories you tagged in the Moderate section by selecting that particular tab:

Now, all stories tagged 'beaches' will be pulled into that navigation tab:




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