Click2Convert Media Units

What is a Click2Convert Media Unit?

Click2Convert media units are a little like advertising units.

They can be added to any content approved for display in any of the Friend2Friend Platform SocialFusion Galleries.

When a Click2Convert unit is added to a Gallery, it appears alongside the content (photo, video, story) in the details view:

Creating Click2Convert Media Units

To create a single Click2Convert media unit:

  1. Choose Click2Convert Catalog from the blue menu bar, or from the left side menu bar. (Contact us if Catalog Manager is not enabled for you.)

  2. Assemble the media units components: a photo, a title and a button

    Image: we recommend a size of 150px x 150px as ideal for this image.

    Title: the title will appear as text alongside the image.

    Button: the button will appear beneath the image and title, and the copy you enter here will appear inside the button

  3. Assign the unit click through link: this will be the link that directs the user 

  4. Click the green Add Click2Convert Unit button

To create a multiple Click2Convert media unit:

If you want to create multiple units quickly, pulling from a whole catalog of products, upload the majority of information in a CSV file. 

Create the CSV with the format shown in the sample CSV file:

Name | Image | Link | Link Text

  • Name will map to the Click2Convert title;
  • Image will be a URL to the product image;
  • Link will provide the click through URL, and
  • Link Text will be the button text content.

Assigning Individual Click2Convert Media Units to Stories

To assign a Click2Convert media unit to a specific photo, video or story:

  1. Click on My Apps to display the list of apps in your account.

  2. Click on the app you want to work with and go to the Moderate area.

  3. Choose the photo, video or story where you want to add the Click2Convert media unit. You can select multiple stories at once.

  4. Pull down the Shopping cart menu in the top right, and find the correct Click2Convert media unit in the list. 

  5. Choose the media unit, and click Apply.


To see the applied Click2Convert media unit:

  1. Click on My Apps to display the list of apps in your account.

  2. Click on the app you want to work with and go to the Publish area.

  3. Either click on the story in the left side Preview area, or click on the short URL and take a look in the microsite view.

Assigning Click2Convert Units to Multiple Stories

You can also add Click2Convert units to multiple, or all stories, at once. 

In the Click2Convert Catalog, you can assign a unit automatically to all published stories in an app (see image on the right below). Every time you publish a story for approval, it will automatically get that Click2Convert unit applied.

OR you can assign to just those that have a particular tag (see image on the left below). Tags are assigned in the Moderate area. Read more about tag management here.

Assigning Multiple Click2Convert Units to One Story

You can add just one, or multiple, Click2Convert media units to one story. If multiple stories are added, then they will automatically cycle when the story is displayed.  The visitor can also click through them the arrows.

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