How to use Click2Convert to create actionable stories

Click2Convert media units are a little like advertising units.

They can be added to any published content in any of the Friend2Friend Platform SocialFusion Galleries.

Click2Convert units can be used to turn any user generated content (photos, videos, stories) into actionable stories.  

For example, using Click2Convert units, you can turn any SocialFusion Gallery into a shopping gallery.

Click2Convert leverages the huge wealth of user stories for generating motivated, active leads and sales.

Click2Convert media units can drive visitors to any location: a product page, store finder, sign up page, event calendar, or any special landing page.

Use Click2Convert media units to direct visitors to:

  • Buy products they can see worn or shown in the photo;
  • Direct visitors to download white papers; or
  • Encourage visitors to book destinations, learn more, or try something out.


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