How to build an Instagram Promotion

To begin the creation of your Instagram promotion, you will need to configure your form and contest settings in the backend. 

Layout & Design


Select the type of header layout you want. Depending on the layout you select, you'll be asked to upload anywhere from one to three images for your header. Refer to the Design Guide for SocialFusion for more details about image size and layout.

Once you have the header image upload, you can then customize the color of the background using the 'Theme' and 'Background' drop downs. 


Themes automatically change the app's background style and color.

Use the preview area on the left to see what content looks like in the theme you have picked.


Choose a color for the back of your engagement app. Choose transparent if you're planning to embed your app onto a web page that already has a background color or texture.



If you’d like to add additional copy below the header, you can toggle the ‘Optional paragraph’ ON and type what you would like to include. You can include basic HTML tags in the paragraph.


Next, you will customize the form fields that you would like winners to fill. This is the information that you collect to send prizes, contact winners and/or collect information from. 


The next and final configuration tab is the 'Thanks after submit.' Users will see this page once they have submitted their form. The same header image for the main form page is used on the 'Thanks after submit' page and you're able to customize the text and links that appear. 

Now that you've completed the winner form, you need to configure the settings of the Instagram promotion. Press 'Continue' and then 'Save' to begin the promotion configuration. 

Project Name

You can name your promotion so you and your team will be able to recognize it in the Platform. This is only for internal purposes, front-end users will not see this. 

Campaign Duration

Set the start and end date in the 'Campaign Duration' section. Your contest will automatically begin and end based on the dates configured here. Please note, that you will also have to go to the 'Publish' section and use the embed code or link to a Facebook page for it to be displayed to the public.

Language Settings

You have the option to change the language of the app in this section. 

Country Restrictions

If it's necessary for you to restrict certain locations from entering, you can do so in the 'Country Restrictions' section. 

Google Analytics

You have the option to add your own Google analytics Tracking for the contest by adding your Tracking ID. 

Instagram Hashtag

This step is where you can configure the contest hashtag and Instagram account. In order to retrieve content, you must connect a valid Instagram account. In the 'Hashtags' field, you must enter in the hashtags associate with the contest. Each time a public Instagram user posts using this hashtag, it will automatically be entered in to the contest. You can also choose if you'd like to retrieve Instagram posts with Images or Videos (or both!). 


To view entries and select winners, visit the 'Moderate' section of your Instagram Contest.

Select & Notify Winners

To select and notify a winner manually, select on their entry and click the 'Select as Winner' button. You can also batch select and notify multiple winners at once. 

You also have the option to randomly select winners by entering the number of winners you wish to pull and clicking 'OK.'

Once you select the winners and click the 'Select as Winner' button, a pop up will appear that allows you to configure the message the winner receives. A link to the form field will be automatically added at the end of the message you create. 


You have the option to select and contact winners at once, or just select winners and contact at a later time. 

You also have the option to give winners coupons. If you choose to do this, check the 'Give coupons to winners' box and add in the coupon codes in the text field. 

If you'd like to place a time limit for winners to claim their prizes, check the box that says 'Winners have how many hours to claim a prize?' Once you check this, you can enter in the number of hours winners have to claim the prize. If the selected winner does not claim their prize with the given time, the link leading to the form will no longer be valid. 


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