About Twitter Promotions

Friend2Friend’s Twitter Promotion enables agencies and brands to run Twitter promotions with a built-in means of selecting and awarding winners, while collecting user information. Using the self-serve Platform, you can configure specific hashtags that are associated with your campaign. By asking users to enter their post with the included hashtag, our system pulls those entries in where you can select and notify winners with a custom message.

The second part of configuration consists of creating and designing a landing page where winners fill out their information to receive their prize. Once you select a winner(s) in the Moderate section and send them the message, they will receive a reply to their Tweet (entry) that includes the custom message you created in the backend, along with a link to the form field you created for winners. 

Brands have the ability to attach coupons for winners by adding promotional codes in the back-end. You also have the option to create a timeframe/window that winners have to claim their prize by (meaning, fill out the form). If the winner does not claim their prize within the allotted time, the winner is released and you can select a new winner. Winners can be selected manually or randomly.

There are many potential use cases for Twitter Promotions. The campaign is designed to promote brand products across Twitter by using User Generated Content as product advertising. 

Here's a look into the user experience:

Tweet image, video, or text with appropriate hashtag. 

If the user is selected as a winner, they will receive a Tweet reply from your brand congratulating them on being a winner, and prompting them with a link.

Once the user clicks on the link, they will see the Winner page you configured in the SEP. The user will fill the form out and submit their information, which is collected for you in the SEP. 

Once the winner submits their information, they will be led to a page thanking them. As a brand, you have the option to add a link to this page leading to wherever you choose.


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