Lead Manager integrations with CRM (Luminate Online/Convio)

The first step is to connect your Convio account. You can do so by going to the Lead Manager and expanding the Luminate Online integration. Click on the icon to connect an account.
Next, click on "Connect Account" and complete the form by filling in your Convio account information.
Once this step is complete, you do not have to do it again. You can now select your connected accounts from the drop down on the left side.
When you configure an “ongoing Export” the current filter view will be used to start reporting leads that match that filter.
You can configure as many filters as you want and report them using different groups, sources and sub sources.
Clicking on any “saved export” will show the configuration and apply the filter and will let you make adjustments (edits) to the configuration of the parameters.
To stop reporting Leads of any given filter, simply remove the filter.


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